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Gear Rental

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Rental Gear From Scuba West

Rental GearPer DayPer WeekendPer Week 
Regulator Set with Computer$18$34$90
Aluminum Tank$12$22$60
Steel Tank$14$26$70
Doubles with Manifold$30$58$150
Shortie Wetsuit 3mm$12$22$60
Jumpsuit 5mm$15$28$75
Mask and Snorkel$10$18$50
Snorkel Fins$8$14$40
Video Camera$50$95$250
Digital Camera$25$45$125
Digital Camera with Strobe$50$95$250
Dive Propulsion Vehicle$75$140$375
Dive Flag, Float and Line$8$14$40

Rental Packages

PackagePer DayPer WeekendPer Week 
BCD, Regulator, Aluminum Tank$40$75$200
BCD, Regulator, Aluminum Tank and wetsuit$50$95$250
Mask, Fins Snorkel and Wetsuit$25$45$125
Add any Item to a Package20% Off20% Off20% Off
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How to Rent

You must be at least 18 years old to rent equipment.

A credit card and drivers license or state ID is needed at time of rental.

You need to show proof of certification to rent life support equipment.

You need to show proof of Enriched Air (Nitrox) certification to rent tanks with Enriched Air fills.


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