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Scuba West reviews

Nadine G. June 3, 2015


Loved it!   I’m from Michigan and wanted to do my open waters in warm waters.  Was able to do my open yelpwaters part 2 down Crystal River with 100 feet of visibility.  It can’t get any better than that.  Also, my boyfriend (who was already certified) was able to scuba dive with me down Crystal River.

Austin H. August 22, 2013


Went today and had an amazing experience! The site was easy to locate, and the owner and other employee were very friendly and informative. I was skeptical when I first saw the grotto because it doesn’t seem like a very inviting area, but after getting into the water my opinion changed. We snorkeled out to the line that goes down 100 ft and started our descent. The water wasn’t very clear but at the same time it wasn’t too murky; visibility was about 15 ft. It was great that there’s a platform at 100 ft and the sunken boat and beetle at the bottom are cool to see. The random figurines placed around the grotto add some variety to the dive so you’re not just looking at rocks the whole time. The plant and animal life also makes things more interesting. Overall it was a great experience and I would definitely go there again!

Kathy M May 12th, 2012


I purchased my dive gear and then took my advanced class here. The staff is wonderful and very professional. I got a really good deal on my equipment and they allow you to exchange items if you don’t like something.

My instructors took the time to get me comfortable. Hudson Grotto was fun to dive and I learned much more than I thought I would. I wish I had gone here for my first class.

I feel like I am a part of their family!

Elizabeth L November 29th, 2011


Our family of 6 took a class in August.The instructors were great. ( Nikol and Allison) We did our training in the Grotto. It was darker than I would of liked but it is do able. It did not stink as I read in other reviews.I would love crystal clear waters all the time but even if you dive the gulf it won’t be crystal clear all the time.We even went to the main springs in Crystal River about 2 weeks ago and you could not see 10 feet in front of you.As far as prices in the shop.I have not had the chance to shop other shops to compare but I will before I make any decisions.Like anything else do your homework before you buy anything. I did like the idea that the Grotto was just across the street and we did not have to travel .There was a class there that came from Tampa.They have other shops do their training there.I really liked the convbience of that.

Elizabeth L. September 7th, 2011


I took my Dive class there with 5 family members, sometime in August.We also had a Groupon Deal.Which was great because of the price.We were not treated any differently than anyone there who had paid the full price.We had very PATIENT, KNOWLEDGEABLE, DEDICATED, instructors. I loved the idea of having the Groto right across the street.We did Not have to load up, get on a train somewhere else Other dive schools came there to train..I would of liked better visability only because I am a little afraid of what I am unable to see.I also knew that some days the viz would be better than other days .I was very surprised when Jeff the owner said if you buy something and it is not right for you bring it back and try something else. We want you to be happy with your purchase.I never heard of such a thing.The only thing I would like to see there is a bigger oblong pool.I think it would be easier on the class. I would recomend this place to my friends and family. I can not say anything about his prices because I am just now starting to get educated on that.but I bet no one else offers, bring it back if you are not happy. Very Happy with my training and staff at Scuba West.

Adrienne T. August 20th 2011


I also took my Open Water class in March, and thought it was awesome!  In fact, it got me hooked on diving, and have since gone back to take other classes from the instructors at Scuba West.  The coldest the Grotto gets during mid-March of year is actually only about 70-72 and the visibility is much higher than that – it’s tanic water, so you need a light, but can see just fine on average about 30 feet.  If it was so awful, why would so many OTHER shops bring their students to Hudson Grotto for dives??

As far as the shop itself is concerned… of course there is a mark up.  Anyone who has been involved in the management of a business knows that you have to mark up your products in order to keep the doors open and employ staff.  If you find any business that doesn’t, buy as quickly as you can because they won’t be around much longer.

What DOES set this shop apart?  The fact that you can exchange products if they aren’t working for you… leaky mask, don’t really like the fins, BC doesn’t fit quite right, etc.  The large majority of scuba shops won’t do that.  And the knowledgable and helpful instructors.  They are the best!!

Jay N. January 18th, 2011


Four Stars

Great dive shop.  The people are friendly and are very knowledgeable.

Amy Wagner July 2015

Google_Iconfive-starsHad an awesome experience getting my PADI open-water certification here after purchasing a Groupon (I completed the week-long session). My instructor, Nickol White, was thorough and encouraging, and I always felt safe under her leadership. While diving at Hudson Grotto, I had the opportunity to observe the teaching of an instructor from another dive shop, and I can confidently say that the training I received was many times more thorough. Also, everyone I met in the dive shop was friendly and helpful. I had been nervous about going with a shop based on Groupon alone, but I am extremely satisfied with the instruction I received. After just one week of class, I feel that I am a confident diver able to enjoy diving but also ready to handle any potential life-threatening emergencies that could occur. I highly recommend Scuba West for your dive certification.

Tim Colson June 2015


Coulsen TimHad a great experience with their dive instructor, Rich, their owner, Jeff, and the entire staff. They obviously love the sport and the community!

Military discount too!

Abishek vaidya April 2015


Abishek vaidyaStaff here is very passionate about Scuba and I believe Its one of the Best Place to Learn Scuba Diving.

John Gilfilin August 2011


Jeff and his staff are very helpful. My wife and I completed our open water certification with them and they were very patient and took extra time to ensure we were comfortable in the water with each skill. The shop is clean, well organized, and unlike some other dive shops, they were completely honest. Safety was definately the first priority and the Hudson Grotto was great to learn in. Highly recommended!!!!!

Erman Cha July 2015



My Scuba diving course place!