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Thank you Scuba West ! I had a amazing time getting padi OW certified, the whole staff showed great guidance and professionalism.

While diving Derek made sure you feel safe and that you master all the skills, he makes sure you advance at a pace you feel comfortable with, slow or fast !!!

Diving in the Grotto might feel scary at first (like any first dive i guess) but it prepares you very well for any further dives plus it is loaded with hidden treasures !!!!!

Thank you all again Scuba West team for getting me padi OW certified and I am very much looking forward for my next dive !!!

July 31
Althoff David
Recommends Scuba West

I went here to become certified in open water diving (PADI).

I opted to take classes one-on-one with Derek in the grotto.

The price difference between attending a group class was worth having the dive instructor’s full attention.

I was very nervous. But, Derek made sure to help me with my skills until I felt comfortable and competent. He takes his job very seriously and made sure that I was in fact safe before licensing.

During my training for 3 days a gentleman named John also assisted in the training. This was also very comforting to know that there were 2 experienced divers in the water with me.

I enjoyed my dealings with Jeff the owner and Christian who both showed genuine interest in my passion for being a diver.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I am looking forward to doing business with these gentlemen for a very long time.

Katherine Kat Damstetter
5 Stars

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff.
Definitely went over and above to make sure I got the right boots and planned for future training.

Kimberly Smith


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