Some Dives Call for More Gear.

Rent cutting edge gear from Scuba West

Friends in from out of town? Do you want to extend the day to a three-tank dive? No problem! We have tons of gear available for everyone.

You can pick up your gear the day before your dive after 3 pm. You can return your rental gear the day after your dive by 12 noon.
The day you pick up and the day you return are free!

Rental PackagesDailyWeekendWeek Rate
BCD, Regulator and 1 aluminum tank.$40$75$200
BCD, Regulator, 1 aluminum tank and wetsuit.$50$95$250
BCD, Regulator, 2 aluminum tanks and wetsuit.$60$115$300
Mask, Fins, and Snorkel.$20$38$100
Add Any Item to a Package20% Off.20% Off.20% Off.
Individual Rental GearDailyWeekendWeek RateNotes
Regulator Set with Dive Computer$20$38$100Oceanic & Tusa reg sets
BCD with Weight Integration$20$38$100Oceanic BCD with Weight Integration
5mm Full Wetsuit$15$28$75 
3mm Full Wetsuit$15$22$60 
Aluminum Tank (additional fee for EANx)$12$22$6063 or 80 Cu. Ft.
Steel Tank (additional fee for EANx)$12$26$70LIMITED STOCK
Steel Doubles with Manifold$30$58$150OUT OF STOCK
Pony Bottle with Regulator$30$58$150Air filled. Nitrox or 02 additional.
Side Mount Tanks with Regulators$70$126$350OUT OF STOCK
Mask and Snorkel$10$18$50 
Fins$10$18$50Full Foot or Open Heel
Dive Boots$10$18$50 
Dive Flag and Float$8$14$40 
Digital Camera$25$45$125Sealife (please call ahead for battery charging)
Digital Camera with Strobe$50$90$250Sealife Dragon (please call ahead for battery charging)
Digital Video Camera with Housing$75$135$375OUT OF STOCK
Dive Propulsion Vehicle$70$126$350OUT OF STOCK
Dive Bag$5$9$25 

How to Rent

Rental Requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to rent equipment.
  • A credit card and driver’s license or state ID are needed at time of rental.
  • You need to show proof of certification to rent life support equipment.
  • You need to show proof of Enriched Air (Nitrox) certification to rent tanks with Enriched Air fills.

Rental Terms:

  • Equipment is rented for a 24 hour period.
  • You may pick up your rental gear after 3 pm the day prior to your dive, and return your rental gear by 12 noon the day after your dive.
  • Our weekend rental price is for any two consecutive day period.
  • Gear is considered rented regardless of its usage.
  • Lost gear, gear returned dirty or broken will incur a cleaning or replacement charge.

Deposit Requirements:

  • All rentals require a credit card or cash deposit equal to the equipment value.

Gear Reservations:

  • We do not take currently take rental gear reservations, however, we ask you call ahead for large orders so we can start to pull gear for you and your group.