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Service Your Gear

Why trust your equipment service to Scuba West?

Trained Technicians

Our techs are specifically trained by our manufacturers to service each brand and model of regulator and BCD. You can dive with confidence knowing your technician under goes periodic training to stay up to date with your gear.

Authorized Factory Parts

We use factory authorized parts on every service. No low cost replacements, no substitutions, we make certain your equipment is as the manufacturer intended. In high and low pressure gas regulators, the manufacturer’s high tolerance parts make the difference in your gear’s performance.

Our Promise

We value your confidence in us and will guaranty our service to you. If you have an issue with your service, even if you’d like a minor adjustment on your serviced gear, we’re happy to help. Divers come to us with questions about a variety of equipment and we’re happy to share our knowledge with you.


Item Price Additional Information
Tank Visual Inspection (Annual Service) $25.45 plus tax Includes inspection, o-rings and air fill
Tank Hydrostatic and Visual Inspection $55.45 plus tax Includes inspection, hydrostatic test, o-rings and air fill
Tank Oxygen Cleaning (Tank and Valve) $49.95 plus tax Required Annually for Enriched air fills.
Valve Service $34.95 plus tax Labor only. Parts not included.
Regulator Service $30 per stage plus tax Labor only. Parts not included.
BCD Service $30 plus tax Labor only. Parts not included.

Scuba West charges a flat rate for labor on most equipment such as regulators and BCDs. Parts are not included in that labor fee. Each manufacturer determines the price of parts kits. The average regulator includes three stages.

BCD service often requires no parts, just cleaning and adjusting. We service the vest and the low pressure inflator, which may need a parts kit.

Tanks service includes replacement of the neck and face o-ring. It also includes tumbling if required. We also eddy current test most aluminum tanks based on age and condition. Valve service is not included, but only needed if the valve is not functioning properly.